What do people say about us?


"Of course, my favorite group of the night was Master's Praise Vocal Group! Their harmony was right on target tonight. The songs were so sweet that I could feel chills running up and down my neck like electricity. I almost went Pentecostal! I felt like jumping up and down praising God!!! Of course, my serious theological training in the church of Christ sobered me down real quick . . . Then again, "Praise the Lord" anyway!!!

--Jim Morris (Palestine, TX)

Excellent job...It has a very full sound, tight harmony, and a good arrangement. I like the key changes also. I could tell you guys had fun with it.

--Randy Hatchett from "Dedication"

Now this is what I'm talking about!   This is just a good start.  You guys are as good as any one I've ever heard!  I've always said that all you guys really need is a little exposure and this is a very good startI'm hgaving a vision Ken...it won't be long when I'll be saying..."  Oh those Masters Praise boys...Oh yes, I remember when they were just starting out!  They've really come along way."  Just to make this a little short, you guys are really good!

--Dan Bolin (Rolla)

Sounds really great, enjoyed it tremendously. 


Rena Albertson

"WOW!  What a blessing to receive your newest CD in the mail. We have really enjoyed listening to it. You guys are awesome. I like to listen while I am doing my computer job at home which gets me motivated to work and praise the Lord at the same time!"

-- Karen (Belton, TX)

"I put on your CD today it is probably the most listened to CD we have."
-- Jim & Michele (Montana)

"You guys are great. I felt so blessed to hear you guys sing yesterday. I am looking 
forward to seeing you at FCC on January 6th."

Your first tenor is simply amazing!
--Bob Leinbaugh (the first tenor)

"I have been listening to Master's Praise for some time now (I guess at least 3 or 4 years). 
The spirit of God fills the air when I am in the audience listening to you guys praise our 
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Ken, what I enjoy secondly about you guys is that you guys 
are very concerned about the feelings of the people who come to see you. You guys are 
a bunch of friendly Christians."
-- Monty (St. Robert, MO)

"Your CD is a complete blessing.  I can't stop smiling from the joy it brings while listening.  
The singing and messages have given me a spiritual lift I have needed for a long time! I 
will want to buy a couple more at some point to share with friends."
-- Brenda (Rolla, MO)

"You are right up there with the best of them as far as quality, style, and professionality."
-- Anita (Germany)


  February 2021  
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