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Steve Duncan

Tenor, Baritone, Bass (Rover)

Weight: tank

Age: 47

Place of birth: San Jose, Ca

DOB: D-day but 22 yrs later

Family: one wonderful wife, Jenny

J-O-B: owner operator truck driver(21 yrs)

Hobbies: driving, running and exercise, yard work, honey do list


I love singing with the guys ever since we started this up 14 yrs ago. Trying to fit 

everything into a 24 hr schedule with work, family, and quartet time is an experience all 
itself but it works some how. I have found that even singing with the guys is a stress 
reliever believe it or not.
My beautiful wife not only goes with me on the truck but is a part of the quartet with 
helping set up and working with the cd table. I love being with her 24 hrs a day even 
though some people don't understand how we do it. I appreciate how much time she 
allows me to practice and recording time even though she wants 25 hrs a day of my time.
Singing in groups has been a part of my life for probably now 33 yrs. Anything from little 
groups in school to quartets to choruses. But most of all, singing with these guys is great
even though some of the members have changed through the years. Every time we 
would get a change of personnel, our sound would change a little but our blend is still 
there and that is what we strive for.
We sing at different events and churches all over and I love to hear the comments like 
"we haven't heard such good acappella music before." I hope that when we sing, we 
reach out to people and send a message that will instill a feeling in people's hearts that 
is pleasing and uplifting.  


  February 2021  
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