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Bob Leinbaugh

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1st tenor

I was raised in a wonderful Christian family and became a Christian at the age of 11.

In fact, my Dad was my preacher for many years and he personally baptized me! I attended 
Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, MO where I majored in Bible and 
Music. It was there that I fell in love with and married my wife, Teri. Teri teaches piano, is
a Christian Counselor, a beautician, homemaker and is a fantastic cook.
During our 41 years of marriage we have raised two wonderful children. Our son, Jason, is
married and manages the Gasconade Christian Service Camp near Waynesville as well as being
employed full-time in the Waynesville school system. Jason and his wife, Marah
have given us three granddaughters - Magdalene (Maggie), Arimathea (Thea) and Cyrene
(CeCe). Our daughter, Bethany, is a graduate of Ozark Christian College and is now
employed full-time in the Joplin area as a special education teacher.
I love music. I enjoy playing the piano and bass but my passion is singing! One day a woman
from our church handed me a Master's Praise CD and asked me to listen to it. I 
enjoyed it so much that I told her, "I'd really like to sing with a group like that." She told 
Ken Roberts, the bass, and before you know it I was at one of their rehearsals! Less 
than two weeks later I was singing a concert with them! I really appreciate, not just their 
musical skills, but also their integrity, character and love for the Lord. It is a joy to be a 
part of such a wonderful group of guys.
Our God certainly gave mankind a wonderful gift when He gave us music! My prayer is 
that in some small way Master's Praise can use that gift to bring encouragement and joy 
to others.


John Maxwell


2nd Tenor

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 190

Age: 47

Birth date: July 30, 1966

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: fork truck operator for a printing company.

Interests: writing, computers, martial arts, woodworking, reading, singing.


Accomplishments: I have been a full-time preacher and a part-time missionary 

evangelizing in India, Africa, Mexico and all over the U.S. I have a third degree black belt
and instruct weekly self defense classes.
Singing has always been as natural to me as breathing. It's an inseparable part of who I 
am and the irony is that I never took it very seriously growing up. I bounced in and out of
a few choirs throughout my school years, but singing was mostly a personal passion.
I learned music when I joined the band as a trumpet player and continued that pursuit 
until graduation. The education I received in reading music notation has served me very 
well since.
My first true experience singing with an acappella quartet occurred while I was attending 
preaching school in Lubbock, TX. I was asked to join a group that went by the name 
Kerux (which means "preacher"). In our little "quartet plus one" (I was the fifth man), I 
began to learn some of the basics of four-part harmony and got a few public 
appearances under my belt.
After graduation, I moved away, started preaching and didn't have much opportunity to 
indulge that kind of group singing, though I missed it terribly. Yeah, I was hooked and I 
only needed a few years, a little patience and the right time to get back to what I loved.
I suppose the rest of the story is self-evident. I was privileged to help begin and develop 
what is now known as Master's Praise Vocal Group. There have been other men; 
colorful and talented characters, who have come and gone. They have left their mark 
and helped us grow.
Sometimes it's hard to believe that we have been able to keep it going as long as we 
have, yet we are stronger now than ever. I expect Master's Praise will be around for a 
long time to come . . . if we have anything to say about it.

Bruce Caldwell

Part: Baritone

Height: 6'2"

Age: 60+

Birthdate: May 16

Hometown: Nevada, MO

Occupation: Chief of Natural Resources on Bull Shoals and Norfork Lakes – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Hobbies: singing, hunting, fishing, boating and anything outdoors.


I am presently living in Mountain Home, Arkansas

I grew up in a Christian family that loved to sing, with my Mother and sister singing alto, my Father, brothers, and me singing bass and tenor.   I attended the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO where I received a degree in Wildlife Biology.  I went to work for Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for a few years then went back to Grad School at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas in Education.  It was then I met fellow Grad Student Patricia (Pat) Cleveland and looked into her beautiful blue eyes… I was hooked!  We've been happily married since 1984!  Pat has recently retired from teaching from Mountain Home Public Schools. Together, we have raised two sons, Bryce and Lance.  Bryce is a mechanical engineer in the air cooling industry, married and lives in Magnolia, Texas and works in foreign missions in Ethiopia, Africa. Our youngest son Lance recently became an ecological biologist with the EPA in New York, He served in the Peace Corps for over 2 years in Guyana, South America. and has served in mission work in Panama in Central America.

I love to harmonize!  One of my purest joys is congregational singing at my home congregation.  During my high school years in Nevada, MO, I sang in a Christian chorus made up of my youth group from church that traveled and sang concerts, and fell in love with praising our Lord in song and sharing it with others.  In 2000 I joined with six other men to form an a cappella group called First Day and sang bass and baritone with the group for 12 years, singing concerts from California to Florida, Panama and the Bahamas.  I loved singing with them, but retired from the group in 2012. I joined Master's Praise in 2014 wanting to be a part of their ministry and beautiful tight harmonies.   

I really enjoy singing with these guys and sharing the message of our savior with the world.  I believe this is our mission as Christians.  I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to carry out this mission through music!

Steve Duncan

Tenor, Baritone, Bass (Rover)

Weight: tank

Age: 47

Place of birth: San Jose, Ca

DOB: D-day but 22 yrs later

Family: one wonderful wife, Jenny

J-O-B: owner operator truck driver(21 yrs)

Hobbies: driving, running and exercise, yard work, honey do list


I love singing with the guys ever since we started this up 14 yrs ago. Trying to fit 

everything into a 24 hr schedule with work, family, and quartet time is an experience all 
itself but it works some how. I have found that even singing with the guys is a stress 
reliever believe it or not.
My beautiful wife not only goes with me on the truck but is a part of the quartet with 
helping set up and working with the cd table. I love being with her 24 hrs a day even 
though some people don't understand how we do it. I appreciate how much time she 
allows me to practice and recording time even though she wants 25 hrs a day of my time.
Singing in groups has been a part of my life for probably now 33 yrs. Anything from little 
groups in school to quartets to choruses. But most of all, singing with these guys is great
even though some of the members have changed through the years. Every time we 
would get a change of personnel, our sound would change a little but our blend is still 
there and that is what we strive for.
We sing at different events and churches all over and I love to hear the comments like 
"we haven't heard such good acappella music before." I hope that when we sing, we 
reach out to people and send a message that will instill a feeling in people's hearts that 
is pleasing and uplifting.  


Ken Roberts



Height: 5'10"

Age: 53

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California

Family Background: Married and has four children; three boys and one girl.

Occupation: Retired from the Army after 20 years. Presently self employed as an Elvis and Johnny Cash tribute Artist.

Hobbies: Spending time with family, Branson shows, tennis, and bike riding.

     To start, I would like to thank God for giving me the love, passion and gift for singing. Secondly, I would like to thank
my beautiful wife, Tanna, for her loving support and sacrifice (due to all the long hours of practice, studio recordings &
concerts). From 2007 to 2010 she was a wonderful support  assisting Master's Praise with our sound system. 
     Being a part of a vocal group like Master's Praise has been a true desire in my heart for years. I still remember the 
​excitement and joy I felt singing at our first concert after I joined the group in the spring of 2004. The good Lord
continued to open doors of opportunity for me to sing with the group even through military deployments & instructing
basic trainees to throw live hand grenades. That's right! I can remember back in 2005 throwing live grenades (at Ft.
Leonard Wood, Mo) on the same day we had a Saturday night concert. Now that is something the average person
does not getthe privilege of doing on a daily basis, or even in a lifetime.
     I pray and hope Master’s Praise can uplift and encourage all our listeners and most of all, reach the lost.
    Masters Praise has seen people come to Jesus, obeying the gospel of Christ through baptism and other wonderful
doors of opportunity of reaching the lost. We hope we can leave a strong spiritual impact on all who hear us sing.


  February 2021  
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