First, Some Shameless Self-Promotion

Imagine a group of men offering nothing but their voices.  No musical accompaniment.  No fanfare.  No "song and dance."  We simply choose to use the greatest instrument God ever created -- the human voice -- in order to  praise the God of creation.
It is our pleasure to introduce to you Master's Praise Vocal Group. We incorporate a mixture of contemporary and traditional songs while offering praise to the Master with pure and simple harmony. Singing is not just our pastime, but our passion, and we would like to share it with you.
Master's Praise Vocal Group is a not-for-profit organization whose songs are Biblically based and relevant to all church affiliations.  
For your next church activity or special function, please think of Master's Praise Vocal Group.
How It All Began
When reviewing events in hindsight, it's difficult to pinpoint precise moments when ideas are conceived. Thus, the following reconstruction is based on our best recollections and we offer apologies to anyone involved who remembers things a bit differently.
Unlike Moses, whose God-inspired hand wrote "the beginning" of creation, the "beginning" of Master's Praise is far less glorious and the details are rather nebulous.
However, around the year 2000, Chris Bilbrey, John Maxwell and Steve Duncan were thinking they would like to do some singing together. Chris and John had previously performed an impromptu duet at a community Christmas program and were pleased at how it turned out. Steve and John, who attended the same church service, heard each other sing and began talking about forming some type of group. So, eventually, the three of them came together, but they needed a fourth. Becoming acquainted with 6' 8" tall Adam Creighton, he agreed to join as the bass singer.
This first quartet of Master's Praise found a small measure of success as they set themselves to practicing songs and performing a few local concerts. They remained together as their first self-titled CD was recorded and released in 2002 and again as Sounds From the Cross was created in 2004. But, as all good things come to an end, Adam returned to his home town in Iowa to continue his education and the quartet became a trio.
After much searching, Ken Roberts was added to fill the bass slot. The guys joke with Ken because of his hyperactivity and that he didn't make a very good impression the first time they met him. Yet, they have been blessed to have his company and the energy he brings.
Soon, Chris was unable to continue with the group and Thomas Smith was brought in to replace the baritone part.
The idea had been discussed about expanding beyond a quartet and a fifth man, Brian Maxwell, joined to help strengthen the mid-range. This five-man vocal group produced their third CD, "Follow Me" in 2006. Afterward, Thomas was not able to sing with them any longer and the group became a quartet once again.
A fourth CD, Get On Board, was released in 2008 with Steve, John, Ken and Brian featured. Moreover, still wanting to move past a four-man team, they added Mark Eudaly and Bob Leinbaugh in early 2009. The sextet was short-lived as Brian was unable to keep singing with them. The five remaining men produced our 5th and latest CD, "How Sweet the Sound" in July 2009.
Brian Maxwell was able to rejoin the group in October of 2009 and we were back to a 6-man group! Unfortunately, time constraints and family obligations forced him to have to leave the group in late August of 2010 but was still able to join us in the studio in September of 2010 to help us on our "Hymns" CD.
At the end of 2012, Mark Eudaly decided that his business was taking too much of his time for him to continue with MastersPraise. In early December he sang his final concert with us. For the next couple of years we did all of our concerts as a quartet.
In March of 2015 Bruce Caldwell of Mountin Home, AR joined the group. He had heard us sing at the Soul-Winner's Workshop in Tulsa. Bruce had recently left his former group, First Day, and was excited to join us. This filled the spot left vacant by Mark Eudaly and brought us back up to a 5-man group.
No matter what men comprise Master's Praise at any given time, they have found it to be Joyous and interesting to think of all the different places they have performed through the years and the many people they have met along the way. They have been privileged to sing for both radio and television spots and for live audiences numbering over a thousand. Their CDs are played in countries around the world, including Germany and Korea. They constantly give thanks to God for the successes attained so far and to the people who have supported their efforts. They are all now a part of Master's Praise history.
  February 2021  
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