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Bob Leinbaugh

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1st tenor

I was raised in a wonderful Christian family and became a Christian at the age of 11.

In fact, my Dad was my preacher for many years and he personally baptized me! I attended 
Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, MO where I majored in Bible and 
Music. It was there that I fell in love with and married my wife, Teri. Teri teaches piano, is
a Christian Counselor, a beautician, homemaker and is a fantastic cook.
During our 41 years of marriage we have raised two wonderful children. Our son, Jason, is
married and manages the Gasconade Christian Service Camp near Waynesville as well as being
employed full-time in the Waynesville school system. Jason and his wife, Marah
have given us three granddaughters - Magdalene (Maggie), Arimathea (Thea) and Cyrene
(CeCe). Our daughter, Bethany, is a graduate of Ozark Christian College and is now
employed full-time in the Joplin area as a special education teacher.
I love music. I enjoy playing the piano and bass but my passion is singing! One day a woman
from our church handed me a Master's Praise CD and asked me to listen to it. I 
enjoyed it so much that I told her, "I'd really like to sing with a group like that." She told 
Ken Roberts, the bass, and before you know it I was at one of their rehearsals! Less 
than two weeks later I was singing a concert with them! I really appreciate, not just their 
musical skills, but also their integrity, character and love for the Lord. It is a joy to be a 
part of such a wonderful group of guys.
Our God certainly gave mankind a wonderful gift when He gave us music! My prayer is 
that in some small way Master's Praise can use that gift to bring encouragement and joy 
to others.


  February 2021  
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